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SOHMO Easy Thread Needles

SOHMO Easy Thread Needles

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Easy Thread Needles by SOHMO

Easy Thread Needles by SOHMO are great for embroidery and other hand sewing. They can be quickly threaded without a needle threader - simply push the thread down into the top of the eye to thread the needle. Best for quick mending jobs and affixing buttons, but can be used for a variety of sewing projects on light to medium fabrics. Made in Japan, these needles are smooth, sharp and strong.

A luxe addition to your own embroidery basket or a cute gift for friends.

What's Included
Packaged in a handy tin with sliding lid.
Needle size:
20 needles: 6 needles, 0.89 x 42.60mm (5 gauge)
7 needles, 0.76 x 37.90mm (6 gauge)
7 needles, 0.71 x 36.40mm (7 gauge)
Tin size: 60mm x 34mm x 13mm

Note for Using
It’s important not to leave pins and needles in projects for a prolonged period of time. Although they are nickel plated, they may corrode - particularly in moist or coastal environments. Weight: 15g Made in Japan, Packed in Australia.

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