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Jenerates by Jen Hogg

Jenerates Seam Circles

Jenerates Seam Circles

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Seam Circles by Jenerates

The Design
Another of Jen Hogg's unique and original designs that will elevate your sewing. Perfect for adding seam allowances, removing seam allowances, drafting facings and deep hems, marking the stitching line, drafting echo quilting lines and pad stitching guides, and more.

Use the circles to help you add or subtract any amount from any shape of sewing pattern.

Ranging from 0.5cm to 3cm, every size has two centre hole options: small for a pencil, large for a felt pen / fabric pen, for use on paper or on fabric. If you need more range, just draw one line then use that as your guide to add another - there's no upper limit. 

Packaged in a cute hand-stamped aluminium tin, you will love having these in your own sewing supplies, or give them as a gift to your sewing friends.

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