Happy New Year from the Happy New Owner

Happy New Year from the Happy New Owner

Hi I’m Tracy Crisp, the new owner of Indie Stitches. I live in Kuarna Yerta/Adelaide. I’ve been sewing since I was a teenager, but I’d still say I’m definitely at the ‘what I lack in experience I make up for with enthusiasm’ end of the scale.

My first jobs in retail were working for Trade Aid in Aotearoa-New Zealand and Oxfam in Australia, where I helped establish and manage different shops. The philosophies underpinning fair trade had a big influence on me and continue to shape my approach to my work and business. What I love about retail is its mix of process and creativity; unpacking new stock; and all of the people you get to know along the way.

I’m also a writer and performer, with a small (and unexpected) sideline in visual arts. My work is incorporating more and more experimentation with textiles and stitching. 

I’m excited to build on the work that Evie has done over the last six years bringing together a brilliant collection of patterns. The collection of patterns by established and developing independent designers will always be at the core of Indie Stitches. But I also love a good gadget, so I’ll be building up the selection of sewing tools. I’ll also be growing the haberdashery and notions because if they aren’t the best words in sewing I don’t know what is.

The shop is currently closed for sales while I replenish our stocks with old favourites and designers we haven’t stocked before. I’ll be aiming to build on Evie’s approach to have one of the most comprehensive selections of patterns available online.

We will be open to sales in March 2024. To be first to hear about our grand reopening, sign up to our newsletter.

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