Introducing The Stitchery

Introducing The Stitchery

The soft launch continues

We'll be in the 'soft launch' stage of reopening The Indie Stitches Emporium for another few weeks as I work to get all of the new stock unpacked and on the shelves. The shelves might be virtual, but there's still a lot of heavy lifting!

Even without any emailed newsletters or announcements on Instagram, there's been a lot of visitors to the shop, and a lot of you making purchases. Thank you! It's been lovely to meet you all.

It's still early days, but there's already some definite trends emerging. It probably comes as no surprise that the Tilly and the Buttons patterns are among the most popular patterns to date. They are fun, contemporary and many of the patterns have extended sizes. Even more popular than Tilly and the Buttons however, is the Maison Fauve range. These patterns are flying out of the door! Maison Fauve's patterns are finished with beautiful details giving even their classic cuts a unique twist. I have a few in my own growing to-be-sewn pile.

Announcing a new corner of The Indie Stitches Emporium

In my last blog post I described the new sections of The Indie Stitches Emporium. From The Pattern Counter, still the heart of the Indie Stitches Emporium; to The Haberdashery with beautiful notions and practical tools; to The Miscellany where it's not quite haberdashery, not quite notions, but it's definitely sewing and it's always fun.

This week, I've opened a new corner of The Emporium, The Stitchery. I have a real love of embroidery, and I'm excited to be building this new section of the store. I've started with stunning kits from two very different designers.

With Corinne Lapierre's whimsical designs you have the added bonus of creating a new sewing tool like a sewing pouch, needle case or pin cushions.  

Hook, Line & Tinker is a range that is sometimes gorgeous, sometimes quirky, always exquisite. You can choose from designs in the nautical theme like the kraken pictured in this blog post; the knitting range like this octopus or this kitten; or the Scandi-inspired dove.

Back soon

I'd better get back to unboxing the new arrivals and stocking the shelves. I'll be back soon with an update on new arrivals, but in the meantime thanks so much for dropping by and happy sewing (or stitching!).

Tracy xx

Image Credit The kraken image is supplied by Hook, Line & Tinker

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