The Indie Stitches Emporium (Re)Launch

The Indie Stitches Emporium (Re)Launch

We have repoened (quietly)

Indie Stitches has repoened! I'm still in the 'soft launch' stage which means I've unlocked the doors and opened the curtains, but I haven't made any grand announcements yet. I'll be doing that soon with a new-look newsletter and a bit more time spent on Instagram. But in the meantime if you have found us while we're still quietly getting the rest of the stock on the shelves, welcome! It's lovely to have you here. 

As we get ready for our reopening, you might notice a slight change to our website name from Indie Stitches to The Indie Stitches Emporium.  


What is The Indie Stitches Emporium?

Enter The Indie Stitches Emporium and you'll find that The Pattern Counter is still at the heart of the store. Here we have one of Australia's most comprehensive collections of independent pattern designers. There's the trusted favourites like Tilly and the Buttons from England and Thread Theory from Canada plus some beautiful new additions like CousetteAtelier Brunette and Maison Fauve from France.

But besides our patterns we are also bringing you an eclectic selection of sewing supplies sourced from around the world.

When you've finished at The Pattern Counter, wander into The Haberdashery for all your essentials plus all those things you never knew you needed. Here you'll find the ever-popular labels from Kylie and the Machine, including new releases. You'll also find a growing selection of products from designers we haven't stocked before. Products like the gauges and rulers from Jenerates by Jen Hogg. These are ingenious and beautiful tools that will have you asking yourself, 'How did I sew without them?'

I know by now your bag will be overflowing, but before you checkout, make sure to stop in at The Miscellany, the newest corner of the store. The Miscellany holds all the things that aren't quite haberdashery, aren't quite notions, but are definitely sewing (and absolutely fun). I love these mending bundles from Otto Finn; and I've added more than one of these pins from Jubly-Umph to my denim jacket.

We'll be having our Grand Opening soon once we've got everything on the shelves. But until then, drop by often, because every day we're opening boxes of old favourites plus new discoveries.

Welcome to The Indie Stitches Emporium: An Eclectic Selection of Sewing Supplies Sourced From Around the World.


 Image Credit Image supplied by Maison Fauve to illustrate the Soliflore dress and blouse

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