Our Story


Indie stitches sells sewing patterns created by independent designers to help you to sew your own unique wardrobe.

By making your own clothing you are empowered to define how each part of the process is created. You can help support local businesses and emerging designers. I want you to be able to wear what you sew with the pride of having created a beautiful garment, and also with the satisfaction that you know where each part of your garment has come from. I hope this creative expression will enable you to feel confident you are making a difference to something you believe in.

Not only does hand crafting a garment give us a higher appreciation for what we wear but it also encourages us to take better care of it. We get more wear out of what we have made and can mend, or alter it if need be rather than throwing it away and buying something new. We love it because it’s our own.

Unless they are marked "PDF" in the product description, all patterns are paper patterns and will be posted out to you.

Can't find what you're looking for, or are there patterns you think we should stock? Let me know at hello@indiestitches.com.au and I will try to get them in for you.