Esme Panties Sewing Kit

Esme Panties Sewing Kit

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Evie La Luve

The Esme knickers are super sexy with a low cut waist, cross over design at the hip and sheer lace back. A pair of Esme knickers would make a great addition to your knicker draw and why stop at one pair? Once you have the pattern you can make as many as you like, you could soon have a whole new set of undies!

The pattern is designed for stretch knits such as jersey, stretch velvet, stretch satin with a stretch lace back.

This pattern is printed on one sheet of paper for durability. This is a great option if you don't have access to a printer or don't want to assemble the pattern yourself. 

Sewing Kit includes:
Esme sewing pattern
Sewing instructions
60cm (24”) knit fabric
1.2m (47”) stretch lace
1m (39”) fold over elastic 
Scrap of jersey cotton for crotch lining
Ribbon to decorate 

Patterns to fit (hip measurement):
XS: 88 - 92 cm (34 1/2 - 36”) 
S: 93 - 97 cm (36 1/2 - 38”)
M: 98- 103 cm (38 1/2 - 40 1/2”)
L: 104 - 111 cm (41 - 43 1/2”)
XL: 112 - 118 cm (44 - 46 1/2”)