Falda Jacket

Falda Jacket

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Pattern Fantastique

The Falda jacket was developed using a combination of draping and flat paper pattern making.  Fabric carved into bold clean shapes. A nod to the classic Chanel tweed, the sensibility of a bomber jacket and the humour and volume of a victorian era sleeve.

The Falda jacket pattern comes with two different styles, depending on your fabric weight choice. A jacket weight cotton with patch pockets for  the transitional seasons or blanket weight wool with welt pockets and full lining for deep winter warmth.

Skill Level  
Style A – Intermediate.
-Lighter weight fabric.
- Zip insertion.
-Top stitching. 
Style B – Intermediate / Advanced
- Bulky fabric.
- Optional block fusing.
- Welt pocket.
- Full Lining.
- Zip insertion.


The Falda jacket is an easy fit style graded from size AU 6 - 16. Easy to lengthen sleeves and body length. 
Product images are sized as follows.
Charcoal Wool = size 10 
Blue denim = size 8 
Model size = size 10